Hannah Gamble, Regenerative Tree Farmer

Hanna Gamble is the co-owner and manager of St. Lucia Plantation and Eightfold Farms. Hanna is passionate about preserving the health and beauty of the land under her care and has implemented developments to improve the land and create a community centered around a love for nature, animals, and people.

Hanna Gamble is a Louisiana native with a degree in business management and a passion for horses, regenerative farming, agroforestry, and preserving the natural world for future generations. She is the co-owner and manager of St. Lucia Plantation, a 1,833-acre Loblolly pine tree farm, Eightfold Farms, a 208-acre horse, hay, and regenerative agriculture farm, and Oppenheimer Ranch, a 117-acre horse, hay, and regenerative agriculture farm. Hanna is a leader in her community that inspires others to adopt and maintain sustainable and regenerative farming, forestry, and lifestyle practices by providing a clear example of how these goals can be accomplished and replicated.

In 2017, Hanna received the honor of being named the Louisiana Tree Farmer of the year by the Louisiana Forestry Association. She was selected for this award because of her strict adherence to BMPs, the quality of her forest, and her desire to share her farm and forestry knowledge with her community. Hanna continues to be an active member of the forestry community and gives back by serving on the Louisiana Forestry Association board and the Northwest Louisiana Forestry Advisory Committee.

“My main goal is to preserve the land under my care for future generations and to inspire others to take up farming with nature in mind.”