The Healing Center Experience

Commit to healing with intention at the Randall Wellness Center, where we work with you individually and confidentially to choose the best program for your unique needs.

You’ll find our team is deeply passionate and committed to always providing the highest quality of care. 

Whether you’re looking for help addressing addiction or eating disorders, compulsive behavior, trauma, or even a lack of direction in your life, the Randall Wellness Healing Center can help.

We’ve heard our center defined as “Rehab for the soul”, but we see it as much more than that.

Why Use A Healing Center?

There are many reasons to incorporate the calm, supportive surroundings of our healing center into your health strategy, including:


Trying to kick the drug or alcohol habit is the reason most people choose to seek out a place to heal. Or they may recognize they have an addictive personality and need support to avoid the chaotic, stressful, dangerous, or uncomfortable situation that’s always around the next corner.

Eating Disorders

Body image issues are increasingly causing mounting stress, regardless of age, race, or gender identification. If you feel unworthy, unattractive, or determine your self-worth by your physical appearance, you may find yourself being pushed into anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating. These common conditions can easily lead to very dangerous physical and emotional effects…and we can help guide you to better health, both physically and mentally.


If you’re dealing with anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, OCD, or similar challenges, we may be able to help here at the Randall Wellness Center. Because sometimes, therapy isn’t enough of a treatment for a severe, debilitating, or recurrent health disorder.


You’ve had a painful experience and you’re feeling depressed. Maybe your loved ones have noticed some personality changes, or you’re dealing with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). While we’d first recommend treatment, therapy, and social support as strategies for healing, the Randall Wellness Center may also be able to add something to the conversation. Talk to us about what’s concerning you.

Lack of Direction

An overwhelming percentage of 18- to 29-year-olds in the United States live with their parents these days. Known as failure to launch, it causes stress, making them feel they’re not grown up, and hence, independent. The stress these young people feel typically spills over to other family members, leading to feelings of anger, frustration, and discouragement.

Regardless of your age, if you need new motivation or direction in your life, talk with the professional team at the Randall Wellness Healing Center. You’ll find our strategies to be soothing, even as the results we provide rekindle your inner spark.

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Known worldwide for meeting clients’ medical and psychological needs while also fueling their spiritual growth, turn to the Randall Wellness Healing Center for the combination of powerful, research-backed therapies and natural, holistic healing techniques you need to get back on track.


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