Who Is Dr. Randall?

Physician, Medical Professor, Cross-Cultural Healing, Functional Medicine, Scientist, Administrator, Writer/Producer/Television Personality

  • Graduated University of Nebraska Medical School
  • UCLA Hospitals and clinics – Residency & Gastroenterology fellowship
  • Board Certified Internist, Board Certified Gastroenterologist
  • Board Certified American Board of Integrative and Holistic Medicine


  • UCLA – Associate Professor of Medicine – one of our nation’s first physicians to introduce and teach Complimentary & Alternative Medicine to medical students.

Skilled in the use of:

Cross-Cultural Healing

  • Integrative Medicine
  • Functional Medicine
  • Healing the microbiome/Healing the gut
  • Neuroscience
  • Addiction Medicine
  • Women’s Medicine and Anti-aging
  • Low Testosterone and Men’s Anti-aging
  • Bioidentical Hormone Balancing
  • Food Revolution and Weight Loss


Dr. Randall is a pioneer in the Integrative Medicine discipline. By combining different cultural healing experiences and putting the focus on the patient, Dr. Randall creatively formed a type of focus that looks at the relationship of physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional health of the patient. She named this practice Integrative Medicine. Her medical journey has taken her to new heights, helping every patient that walks through her doors.



  • Ground-breaking work known as The Healing Connection in the study of the integration of Ayurvedic, Chinese, Native American and Western Medicine.


  • Inventor of surgical instruments used today.


  • Director of the Medical Procedures Unit – West Angeles Veterans Administration hospital.
  • Integrative and Holistic Co-director – Malibu Health and Rehabilitation Center
  • Director of Integrative Health – Miraval Life in Balance; Miraval is a top ten destination spa in Tucson, Arizona
    Voted number 1 spa in the world by Conde Naste. (Oprah’s favorite!)
  • Executive Director of Guest Services – Rancho La Puerta Healing Spa, Tecate, Mexico
  • Head of Medical Services – Passages Alcohol and Addiction Rehabilitation Center, Malibu, California 2006-2012
  • Co-Director – Golden Branch Wellness Center, Woodland Hills, California
  • Director, Randall Wellness Center, Woodland Hills, California

Writer / Producer /Television Personality

  • Producer – Heaven Fire Productions, an instructional video and television show company specializing in documentaries.
  • NBC Television – Holistic Medicine personality and authority.

Dr. Randall's Story

Gayle Madeleine Randall, MD has been an esteemed physician, scientist, medicine woman, administrator, seminar presenter and writer for more than 40 years. Her passion and thirst for new learning and deep commitment to the health of humanity and the planet reflects her life of raising consciousness and practicing healing from numerous approaches: advocate and pioneer in Integrative Medicine; Functional Medicine; Native American Medicine Wheel and other ceremonies; leader in environmental efforts; and regular Women’s Dreaming Circles focused on consciousness.


After graduating with high honors from the University of Nebraska Medical School, Dr. Randall completed an Internal Medicine residency and Gastroenterology fellowship at UCLA hospitals and clinics. From 1988-94, while Associate Professor of Medicine at UCLA, she co-founded the first integrative medicine studies program in the country linked to a university’s medical school. She also served as the Director of the Medical Procedures Unit for the West Los Angeles Veterans Administration hospital and was part of creating life changing new technologies to stop internal bleeding from ulcers and other lesions. During this time, years after serving her medical clerkship as the covering doctor on a Native American reservation, Dr. Randall’s long interest in Native American and non-traditional forms of medicine, healing, dreamwork and spirituality also blossomed.


The two fully integrated in the second half of the 1990s. She was co-producer and participant of The Healing Connection; a pilot research project and ground-breaking UCLA study on the integration of Ayurvedic, Chinese, Native American and Western Medicine.


She also was the producer of Heaven Fire Productions and appeared twice on NBC’s The Other Side to discuss holistic medicine. She served as the Integrative and Holistic Medicine Co-director of the Malibu Health and Rehabilitation Center, Director of Integrative Health for Miraval Life in Balance, and Executive Director of Guest Services at Rancho La Puerta, a health and wellness destination spa in Tecate, Mexico.


During her tenure, Miraval was named the No. 1 Health Destination Spa in the World by Conde Nast Traveler magazine. She continues her medical practice as Director at Randall Wellness Network in Malibu, CA, while hosting her popular podcast, Soul Stories; continually sharing her message with her followers; and teaching her social media and in-person patrons.


Dr. Randall has conducted lectures, workshops, and seminars on holistic and Integrative medicine throughout the world. She presented the science behind Mind-Body Medicine at renowned cancer center MD Anderson Hospital in Houston in 2005, and many other esteemed settings. Her writings in numerous Integrative Medicine publications, educational documentaries and workshops have helped to transform the lives of thousands of patients, clients, and attendees by enlightening them to their own healing potential.


Dr. Randall learned her daily practice of prayer and meditation through years of working with Native American Visionary and Shaman Joseph Rael; and Soke Takayuki Kubota, founder of Gosoku-ryu style karate, International Karate Association and Mind Like Water meditation. She has a black belt in this style, as well as Japanese Samurai sword.


Dr. Randall reaches thousands weekly through her popular podcast Soul Stories, which is available every Monday on all podcast platforms, and her Instagram live show, which airs on Friday nights from 9-10 PM EST. She has a highly engaged following of over 15,000 followers on Instagram.


Dr. Randall is a longtime resident of Malibu, CA, where she enjoys frequent visits from her family and granddaughters; is close to her beloved horse Tatanka; holds her women’s groups; and overlooks the ocean she so respects and honors. Her medical practice, Randall Wellness, is located in nearby Malibu.