Internal Medicine

Trained to prevent, diagnose, and treat diseases that afflict all adults and families, from chronically ill patients to short-term care. A more traditional and widespread approach to healing.

Dr. Randall is board certified in Internal Medicine, treating patients from all over the world using cutting edge Western Internal Medicine to address their medical needs. Balancing Western and Integrative techniques, she provides check-ups, anti-aging, rejuvenation treatments, and helps with acute and chronic conditions of all types.

Cancer Prevention & Healing

Based on both personal experience and with many patients. Cancer is a treatable disease and not a death sentence, as is often shared with those who suffer from it.  As a matter of fact it is often cured. Dr Randall says everyone can be healed from cancer, although not everyone gets cured.


Supplementing Oncology Programs

with any of methods above.


Nutrition-Diet Plan

Whole Foods Plant Based Diet is the most beneficial.


Exercise Plans

Research has shown exercise is key and improves outcome, no matter cancer type or stage.


Spiritual (Prayer, Meditation) Plans

Research has also shown prayer and meditation to be beneficial for cancer outcomes.