Make this Your Year of Personal and Planetary Health


Soul Doctoring: Heal Your Self, Heal the Planet has been called the most important book on integrated personal healing to be written in the 21st century. It is a compelling, enlightening, and entertaining read, and a benchmark for yet another way to bring information into one’s body for the purposes of healing and self-doctoring – through provocative storytelling that touches the soul.

In honor of the teachings of this book, we are calling this The Year of Personal and Planetary Health! What is good for you is good for the planet, and what is good for the planet is good for you!

Small steps by humankind can result in large changes for our planet! When we removed ourselves, thus our negative impact, from the planet during the COVID spike of 2020, the earth soared with ways she improved and actually evolved all over the globe. Whales began to talk to each other in new languages because they could hear each other! All over the globe every place there were endangered species came back! The baby green turtles hatched and could make it to the sea because their way was not blocked by humans. The flamingos returned to Mumbai. The Himalayans could be seen in India for the first time in several lifetimes. Miracle after miracle took place all over the planet. The earth improved much faster than scientists ever predicted.

So their scientific equations were wrong! The earth is way more sensitive than we ever thought. When a critical mass of people make small changes, they can add up to big improvements for the earth. Take your Pledge for the Planet and come up with 2 or 3 action items under each point and share on IG @pledge4planet and @drgaylerandall.


Here are some things you can start doing TODAY!


Keep Regeneration and the Planet at the center of all the choices you make in your life.

Name 4 ways you can do to encourage this.

Make use of what you have. Our American Indian teachers have always taught us “do not waste anything”. Repurpose clothing, cloth of any type, grey water and electronics. Trade clothing and things amongst your family and friends. Make new things out of old clothes like attractive bags or mosaic tops. Name 3 more.

Don’t stay quiet. Contact your representatives, local, state, county and federal leaders. Write letters, sign petitions, get active on social and community forums. Sing your song! Speak your truth! It needs to be heard. Make your voice heard wherever it is welcome. Place petitions online.

Support ethical brands. Organic locally grown food sources. Farmers’ markets, Farm Fresh to You. Clothes companies like Patagonia who will take back clothing at any stage: for repair, replacement or recycling. Name other sustainable clothing companies.

Do what you can. Stop using single use plastics. Especially those plastic bags in the grocery stores and plastic bottles. Get a steel reusable cup so you are not contaminating yourself, as well as other creatures, with nanoplastics. Come up with more answers.

Reduce consumption. Eat less food, and start a compost pile with your food scraps. Reduce fuel costs by driving instead of fly. Drive less and consolidate trips. Buy less clothes.

Did you know the average American used to buy 12 new outfits each year, and today that number is up to 68? Most are wasted or thrown away, because the average American throws away 68 lbs. of clothing each year!


Take a breath. Slow down, meditate, pray, spend time with community and family. All of this is needed to balance stress.

All the best in health! Much love!

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