Integrative Medicine

Integrative Medicine combines ancient techniques with cutting edge technology to provide natural and scientifically based counseling and treatments. Dr. Gayle Madeleine Randall is Board Certified in Internal, Integrative, and Functional Medicine.

Integrative Medicine combines the best of conventional with the highest degree of complementary holistic therapies. Starting in the late Seventies, Dr. Randall was one of first professionals to be researching and practicing Integrative Medicine. She promoted it and was the hostess for defining and naming Integrative Medicine at a Conference in Tucson AZ with Andrew Weil, John Eisenberg, Mimi Guarneri and others of that caliber.


Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese therapy using fine needles on specific body points to balance Qi, a problem which causes health issues. It treats pain, anxiety, headaches, allergies, etc. and sometimes combined with other forms of traditional Chinese medicine. The number of sessions for relief depends on the severity of the condition. When conducted by trained professionals, it is safe and well-tolerated.

Medicinal Herbs & Supplements

Natural herbs and supplements have been used for centuries for health and treatment purposes. They are derived from natural sources such as plants, roots, and fruits. Notably, popular medicinal herbs and supplements include chamomile, ginger, garlic, echinacea, ginseng, and turmeric, each possessing unique properties that can aid health. 

Pranic Healing

Pranic Healing is a holistic energy healing technique that uses the body’s energy, or ‘prana’, to promote healing and well-being. It is non-invasive and effective for people of all ages and conditions. The practitioner scans the body for imbalances and uses techniques to cleanse and balance affected areas. Pranic Healing helps with physical, emotional, and mental health issues, including chronic pain, stress, anxiety, and depression, and enhances spiritual growth.

Aura Soma Color Healing

Aura Soma is a holistic color healing system developed in the 1980s by Vicky Wall. It includes highly-pigmented oils, sprays, pomanders, and quintessences, each corresponding to a specific color and carrying certain vibrational qualities. 


With the guidance of Dr. Randall, individuals choose the colors that resonate with them to create a personal blend in a bottle for reflection, meditation, and self-healing. Aura Soma aims to empower individuals to release energy blocks, connect with their inner wisdom, and achieve overall health and wellbeing through the healing properties of color.