Mind-Gut Health

Learn from the expert how to control natural immune and microbial systems to heal, regenerate, and develop more energy. She’ll teach you to improve your lifestyle, eliminate disease, and live a longer, happier life.

Despite the huge progress in curbing infectious diseases with new drugs, antibiotics and overcoming other disease processes with innovative technical interventional medical techniques, we have had little to no beneficial effect at reducing and controlling our massive health crisis mostly stemming from inflammation and poor food. 


This is food that looks good but is saturated with poisonous chemicals like glyphosates and other herbicides, pesticides and fungicides. These chemicals literally kill all beneficial organisms in the soil, rendering our food completely nutrient-depleted. This doesn’t even get into the carcinogenic nature of the chemicals themselves, whose ingestion leads to disease states and metabolic dysfunction. 


The most important initiative to really have a lasting effect on our public health crisis is to truly comprehend and practice better control of our gut based immune and microbial systems using the natural healing power of our foods and how we source them.  If we could adopt proper regenerative food growing and lifestyles, a massive amount of disease could be completely eliminated.

Mind-Gut Services

Educational programming for patients, families, communities and schools, explaining how to source, grow, cook and share food.  Diseases can and will be eliminated with these simple directives.

Gut Doctor

Unlike most professionals spreading similar messages, Dr. Randall is a board-certified Gastroenterologist with additional in-depth training and experience in Integrative and Functional Medicine. She willingly shares her knowledge, which is rooted in ancient, traditional culture combined with modern scientific practices.

Speaking with Dr. Randall will expose you to American Indian, African, Amazonian, Mediterranean, Ayurvedic, Chinese, Japanese and other cultures that are deeply involved in growing and preparing their own food as medicine. This is what Dr. Randall calls “Being Your Own Blue Zone,” and is based on areas around the globe where people commonly live to 100 years (or more) because of their diet, behavioral, spiritual and cultural choices.

Metabolic, Nutritional and Microbiome Balancing

This involves learning how to choose and maintain the most health beneficial, nutrient and microbiome-rich diet.