Soul Stories – Charles Dowding Renown No-Till Innovative Pioneer

On this episode Charles Dowding has a fascinating conversation with Dr Randall about regenerative farming. Charles Dowding is  a renown no till Innovative pioneer in regenerative gardening/farming from Somerset England.

Charles’ current passions and projects are:

#nodigforlife – a hashtag to symbolize freedom and health through discovering how to grow your own food more easily

Next generation, kids – youngsters are the future !

Health seen as positive state, more than absence of disease and the central role of microbes – this goes back to widespread misunderstanding about the body as a sterile organ, and that comes from Louis Pasteur, and ignores the value of microbes and how the body is actually a collection of microbes which we simply need to hold in balance, to achieve health, and then we resist problems! The pharmaceutical industry do not like the latter understanding.

Empowering people with food and health knowledge and abilities, skills. Charles called his latest book Skills for Growing because he noticed how people need quite basic knowledge and abilities and to be empowered to grow food. He feels that ‘power' needs mentioning because so many are giving away their power, through fear, most recently about the virus.

Charles' book is, available in North America from Chelsea Green Publishing

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