Soul Stories- Connie Grauds

Connie Grauds joins fellow medicine woman Dr Gayle Randall on episode 7 of Soul Stories.  Dr Randall once accompanied Connie to the Amazon, and understands the journey from the inside out!

“Long ago in a far-away place, yet near and dear to my heart, I walked for the first time through the shimmering Emerald Doors of the Amazon — the greatest expression of life on Earth. My life has never been the same.”
Connie Grauds,  Author of Jungle Medicine

Listen to Dr Connie Grauds and Dr Gayle Randall reminisce about their experiences in the Amazon together. So much magic from the deep old growth forests of the Amazon. Truly transforming! 

“Jungle Medicine” is a story of medicine magic and transformation. The author, Connie Grauds, is a pharmacist, one of the  most recognized natural pharmacists in the world and a shamana. Like Dr Randall, she stands with her feet firmly planted in two very different worlds…the world of the rational and the world of the irrational. “Jungle Medicine” is a memoir of the author's shamanic apprenticeship in the jungles of Peru. This book,  like Soul Stories,  takes you on a vivid personal journey into deep jungle medicine and magic.

 From medicine to magic-  a spirited tale of transformation!