Soul Stories- Emeran Mayer, MD

Soul Stories 1 -Emeran Mayer, Guest.

Gayle Randall MD, the Soul Doctor, has as her guest Emeran Mayer MD, Distinguished Professor of Medicine from UCLA, Director of Oppenheimer Center for Neurobiology of Stress & Resilience, Author of The NY Times Best Seller “Mind Gut Connection.”
Listen in to the intriguing dynamics of the reunion between these distinguished doctors. 
Dr. Randall left her position as Associate Professor of Medicine at UCLA after completing some groundbreaking work on integrative medicine with Dr. Mayer. She joined the ranks of innovator and pioneer in something that did not exist or was not recognized at the time. She fought on the front lines of Integrative Medicine; Dr. Mayer stayed in academia and built an incredible legacy from there. The fascinating journey of Dr. Mayer and the amazing occurrences that led them both to be of the same mind and philosophy is astounding. 

Mind/Body meets science and finds itself!