Soul Stories- Francesca Marotta

Listen to Dr. Randall and the inimitable Francesca Marotta! The Francesca Marotta brand has won numerous design awards and has been worn by a great numbers of celebrities. With an international design career under her belt, it became natural for Francesca to fall into consultancy, directing and styling.  Francesca's network of associates spans every single continent- having had shows in America, Japan, England, France, Italy, Turkey, Belgium and Ireland.

Her thorough knowledge of the fashion industry, of designing and garment construction, her deep love and respect for craftmanship and textiles translate in her work. This is where her work ethic, creative vision and strength lie. Her approach to style has the “Je ne sais quoi” element to it.  She does it all with evident and deep pleasure with soul energy all the way to her fingertips.