Soul Stories – Graceful Exits Author Geri Suster

On this episode of Soul Stories, Dr Gayle Randall sits down with Geri Suster.

Author Geri Reid Suster takes unconventional look at exits across a broad range of settings in the upcoming book Graceful Exits: Making the Case for Getting Good at Goodbye. She teaches readers how to build skills around exiting. Graceful Exits looks at positive and negative exits in four major areas: personal relationships, workplace exits, significant changes in the way individuals live and how to face death – the final exit, for loved ones as well as for ourselves. She goes on to explore actionable steps to better navigate some of life’s most difficult moments and reduce the likelihood of a bad exit ever happening. 

“Your next exit is just around the corner, are you ready? After a few bad exits in my own life, I realized this is not a skill that is taught but rather an experience we deny will happen to us and when it inevitably does, we execute poorly and spend years picking up the pieces,” explained Reid Suster. 

What motivated Reid Suster to write this book is seeing how bad exits can negatively affect a person’s life regarding self-worth and future decisions for years. By developing skills in this area, people can avoid a huge amount of shame and regret. 

Geri Reid Suster is a corporate exec-turned-nomad with 30 years of experience in business and management, specializing in acquisitions and creating operational excellence. After a period of intense personal upheaval and then jumping to a new technology startup that didn’t pan out, Geri entered a period of reflection that led to an epiphany about “exits” that would change her life. 

In 2017, she traded her ocean view home in Southern California for an RV she named Wallace and in less than three years, she traveled to 38 states in the United States and five provinces in Canada with her dogs. In 2020, Geri sold Wallace, bought a Sprinter van named Wüfgang (#whereswüf) and built her own custom home on wheels. Still hooked on wandering, she spends most of her stationary time in Bend, Oregon. More information about Reid Suster can be found on 

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