Soul Stories – Karin Yehling

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Karin Yehling  is a certified Functional Medicine Health Coach, Nutrition Coach and Personal Trainer. She works with people on the Type 2 Diabetes continuum to help them prevent, reverse or control their diabetes through permanent dietary and lifestyle changes. She does this through her online group coaching program, called T2 Diabetes Warriors. This allows her to help more people reach their health goals while they get support from their fellow warriors.

Having reversed Type 2 diabetes in herself, Karin wants others to know that reversal is possible. There’s a lot of misinformation and debate going on around reversing diabetes and Karin wants to guide people in the right direction so they can live their healthiest life possible.

Karin played many sports and earned a college softball scholarship. Later on, she competed in racquetball and obstacle course racing.

 With competition in the rear view mirror, her playground is now in the Sierras where she hikes, camps, snowboards and paddle boards with her husband and dogs.

This episode is a fabulous discourse between two incredible women. Tune in!