Soul Stories – Malibu Recording Studio Owner Francine Greene

On this episode of Soul Stories, Dr Randall sits down with Francine Greene, who runs the recording studio Agoura Borealis, where this very podcast is scored!

Francine Greene was born, raised and educated all in the City of Los Angeles.  She resides in Agoura Hills, California after having lived many decades in Malibu, California. 

While her work is now focused in the music industry as owner of the formerly owned Glen Campbell studio, Agoura Borealis, her life has been steeped in diverse areas. 

Having worked in the legal field for 17 years, law was and is a great focus as it is what keeps the balance of society.  She worked in personal injury, family and the criminal fields as a paralegal.  She was an avid world traveler and scuba diver and ventured into the skies and oceans whenever possible.  

Francine is a Yaqui Native American (tribal enrolled)  which led me to creating and chairing the Native American Cultural Resources Advisory Committee in Malibu. The committee was involved in the equitable resolutions of sensitive cultural resources, monitoring and conflicts between property owners, City and Tribal Leaders.

By Way of declaration she was fortunate to have an ordinance passed declaring the city of Malibu to be the first city honoring its local indigenous people in an  event called called Chumash Day. Chumash day soon grew from a one day event into a three day powwow and has been ongoing for over 20 years it is currently the largest event in the city and attended by the native community and guests nationally.  

She received the Malibu Times Dolphin Award for Citizen of the year along with awards from city, state and she was federally recognized.  Before her retirement she received a Malibu Tile as one of the longest serving members in the city at this level of over  20 years for providing events, blessings, ground breaking, providing all schools and library with books and art on Native American History.  She is also a judge for an annual Oratorical competition for the last decade at Pepperdine. 

She is now working full time Agoura Borealis Recording Studio.  Her role is primarily booking and maintaining the studio and connecting artists with engineers.  Their primary group is Pablo Cruise with their engineer Larry Antonino (who also scores Soul Stories!)   From law, to powwows, from under the sea, to landing in the studio and to the sound of music-  Francine says-  “It’s a good life and I love my great husband!”