Soul Stories- Noah Rothschild

On this Episode, Dr Randall speaks with Noah Rothschild.

Noah Rothschild is a renowned inner child and recovery expert. He offers transformational psychotherapy and powerful life coaching to help people remove their emotional and mental wounds and empowers them to show up and live their best life. He has been successful in working with individuals, couples, adolescents/young adults, and families of all ages and backgrounds.

As an adoptee, Noah has a special sensitivity to healing early childhood, abandonment, and loss issues. At the age of 21, after struggling with depression and substance abuse, Noah had an awakening. He discovered inner child work, somatic (body mind) therapy, breathwork and found his birth family. Recognizing this powerful approach to healing he became a Licensed Psychotherapist and a Certified teacher of Integrative Body Psychotherapy.

Prior to working in his full-time private practice, Noah was the lead Marriage Family Therapist at Passages Malibu, one of the world's leading substance recovery centers for over ten years. Noah is a featured author in the Alcoholism and Addiction Cure, written by Chris Prentiss.

Noah is a powerful speaker and is the creator of The Heal The Child Within Program, an 8 week virtual intensive workshop to help participants identify and rewire childhood wounds and traumas. In this workshop, participants discover how childhood stories create their present life and how to go from merely surviving to completely thriving.  In this powerful program, Noah combines life changing reparenting strategies and breathwork practices allowing participants to heal and fully reclaim their inner child so they can break free and thrive in all important areas of adult life (health, relationships, finance, and career).

Noah lives in Topanga Canyon, CA with his wife Elizabeth, two sons Jacob and Levi, their dog Bella, two guinea pigs, two bunnies, and a bearded dragon named Beardie. He is a talented singer-songwriter, and is currently writing a book on his Heal The Child Within Method. 

Tune in for inspiration and healing!