Soul Stories- Timothy Kercheville

On Episode 24 of Soul Stories Dr Randall speaks with Timothy Kercheville.

Timothy Kercheville  is a full-time professional farmer and landscape artist with 10 years experience and is connected with the farmers, nursery growers, and property owners across Tennessee and Kentucky, with outreach across the USA, and design experience in 4 states (also Iowa and California). Together with property owners and managers he helps turn *any property of whatever context* into landscapes of glistening food: a harvest of sunlight and cooperative, timely action, within circular seasons of life.  He is the owner of Festina Lente Farms Inc., through which company he performs agricultural – landscape design and consulting.

Festina Lente means Hasten Slowly: that is an attitude and commitment across the seasons and life's vicissitudes.

What is the goal of Festina Lente Farms? To transform land management everywhere toward holistic design and food production, and to teach and train new farmers and gardeners into a regenerative agricultural economy.

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