Soul Stories -Alan Salazar

Soul Stories Season 2 premieres with a powerful first episode featuring Alan Salazar and Dr Randall.

Alan Salazar has worked in several different areas in his life. He has been a Native American consultant/monitor, a traditional storyteller, a spiritual adviser, a traditional paddler of Chumash canoes, a preschool teacher and a juvenile institution officer. He has also been a journeyman plaster since he was a young man and has been around construction most of his life. 

His family has traced their family ancestry to the Chumash and Tataviam village of Ta'apu, now known as Simi Valley and the Tataviam village of Pi'ing near Castaic, Ca. They are Ventureno Chumash and Tataviam.  His ancestors were brought into the San Fernando Mission starting in 1803 and he still continues to actively protect his ancestors village sites and tribal territories, which include the Malibu area.

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