Soul Stories -Sage Dammers

Tune in to Soul Stories Episode 30- the last episode of Season 1 of Dr Randall's epic podcast- featuring Sage Dammers.

Sage Dammers is the co-founder, CEO, product formulator, and chocolatier of Addictive Wellness.  Fueled by a passionate desire to help people live the ultimate life and create a better world, Sage began as a teenager seeking out information that no mainstream school could offer in the areas of nutrition and traditional herbal systems of indigenous cultures. 

He built his knowledge of superfood nutrition and traditional herbal systems, especially Taoist tonic herbalism. He has worked with and trained under the world’s leading master herbalists and nutrition and longevity experts in Costa Rica, Australia, Bali, China, and America. 

His years of experience in this unique arena have allowed him to cultivate an unparalleled combination of cutting edge nutritional and culinary expertise. He has started tonic elixir bars in 5- star luxury hotels in Paris and Sydney serving longevity elixirs disguised as gourmet treats, introducing the novel concept of healthy indulgences to the market of world travelers.

Sage has developed products internationally and given lectures on peak performance nutrition and cutting edge health technologies.