Soul Stories- Blue Nest Beef

Episode 9 features Dr. Randall and the Blue Nest Beef cowboys, who created a Planet saving system. Todd Churchill and Russ Conser are the brains and brawn behind a whole new concept of raising cattle. Using biomimicry- like Buffalo roaming -allows cattle to be raised for food that is actually good for you, because of the grass which is full of omega 3 fatty acids and phytonutrients in  happy cattle.
Regenerative Agriculture is a farming method that relies on nature, not harsh chemicals or disruptive practices like tilling. When practiced, Regenerative Agriculture offers a multitude of benefits for our farms, our environments, and our food. It builds soil health, enhances the ecosystem diversity, and captures carbon and nitrogen from the atmosphere, and saves the plains land birds. That’s why the Blue Nest beef is Audubon approved. 

Listen to this podcast to understand a way of eating that can not only support you but our precious Earth and her creations.