Soul Stories- Bruce Parker

Bruce Parker is Dr Randall's own doctor and healer and her colleague for more than 25 years. 

Dr Randall says, “I have heard it said many times and observed that he is the doctor to the stars and VIPS although you will never hear it out of his mouth. He is Malibu’s own very special best kept secret as one of the most powerful healers known. To a large part because of his own modesty and his down to earth “as is” attitude. I love it! Those of us that know him and have experienced his work know how powerful his medicine is. He merged science with magic. Sometimes he is like the crazy genius professor with his lasers, electromagnetics and goggles, and other times his magic hands find the spots you did not even know needed healing.”

Bruce says, “My journey into the healing arts may have begun unconsciously as a child when I would sit in my front yard and dogs and cats would wander over and I would pet them , rub them and scratch them and then watch them visit regularly for a massage.  My hands would find their way.  Later in life these hands moved on to include humans.  Interest and curiosity grew and I would start learning different forms of body work, locally and eventually on travels around the globe.  After practicing therapeutic massage on the North Shore of Oahu for years I was inspired by my great friend next door, Dr Tom DeBos-a very talented Chiropractor to take the prerequisite studies to enter Chiropractic School.  Completing the pre-Chiropractic studies at the University of Hawaii I relocated to Malibu, CA to attend Cleveland Chiropractic College.  While attending School I set up shop in a multi-disciplinary office with MD, DO, ND, DOM and Chiropractors.  Working together and sharing patients with outstanding outcomes.  Today still practicing in Malibu, endlessly curious and always learning I practice in the Malibu Health Club.”

Listen to these two amazing doctors on this very special episode of Soul Stories.