Soul Stories -CEO of Word Journeys Bob Yehling

Soul Stories Podcast hosted by Dr Gayle Randall features Bob Yehling, literary genius, founder and CEO of Word Journeys Literary.

Listen to this intriguing  21 year long story of how these two visionaries came together from different worlds. Having in common great knowledge and love for our earth and strong spiritual practices to collaborate and become the vehicles for bringing forth one of the most crucial books of our times- Dr Randall's Soul Doctoring Heal Yourself, Heal the Planet.  This book (pre-order on Amazon!)  will help humanity and the planet “look up” and resolve the personal and planetary crisis facing us all right now!

Dr Randall’s more than 40 years experience and futuristic thought and research demonstrates the path of hope through regeneration.  A critical mass of people taking small steps can bring about great changes for our people and out planet and leave a shining legacy for those that follow!