Soul Stories – Marvel Heroine Superhero, Environmental Activist Dr Tracy Fanara

This Episode of Soul Stories features Marvel Heroine Superhero, environmental activist and research scientist Dr Tracy Fanara!

Dr. Tracy Fanara is an environmental engineer, research scientist, and communicator with a BS, ME, and PhD from the University of Florida’s College of Environmental Engineering. In research, Tracy has developed water treatment technology, designs for hydrologic restoration, and citizen science programs with over 1.6 million users to obtain publicly available environmental data.  

Tracy has international media recognition due to her expertise in hydrology and harmful algae blooms during the Florida Water crises. Tracy is now the Coastal Modeling Manager for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) where she manages US coastal ocean modeling efforts to gain a better understanding of our earth systems and threats to human lives and livelihoods in a changing world. Tracy co-produces a STEM comic book called “Seekers of Science” and runs the STEM Camp, Mission: Tampa Bay.  You may have seen Tracy on Science Channel, Weather Channel, Fox or CBS; in Marvel's Unstoppable Wasp, or as  Xylem YSI’s Mission Water, Water Hero. 

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