Soul Stories -Essiac International

On this latest episode of Soul Stories, Dr Randall sits down with Larry Poirier and Dr. Lucille Perreault of Essiac International.

Essiac From Canada International™ is owned by Larry Poirier and Dr. Lucille Perreault. Its mission is to help people thrive, restoring their power to heal themselves, and supporting them in their desire to overcome obstacles and live out their own legacy. Their Essiac formula honors the work of Rene Caisse,
a Canadian nurse – the keeper of the sacred formula. In 1922 she introduced the Essiac formulation inspired by Ontario’s Ojibwa nation’s traditional herbal remedies. 

She healed many people from cancers and other chronic diseases using this formula. Now because of Essiac International it is available as an herbal powder, vegetable capsule, and herbal extract, Essiac contains four simple ingredients, burdock
root, slippery elm, sheep sorrel, and Indian rhubarb.

Dr Randall has used this formula herself for cancer patients and achieve amazing results. Listen to this intriguing exchange between Dr Randall and owners and new guardians of Essiac, Larry Perreault and Dr Lucille Perrault.
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