Soul Stories – Speaker and Coach Kevin Nahai

Soul Stories Episode 34 features Kevin Nahai, a Speaker and Coach from Los Angeles, California. 

 Kevin writes:
When I was 19, I was suddenly diagnosed with an incurable disease of the stomach that caused me to be unable to eat. I fell into a deep depression, became severely anorexic, and nearly took my own life. . 
By the grace of God I survived to tell the tale, but then spent most of my twenties suffering through trauma, anxiety, and complete lack of direction. 
Several years later, I’ve been able to transform my life and become a Speaker and Coach, harnessing the pain I endured and the insight I gained in order to help others rebuild their lives and cultivate their vision for the future.
I have spent the better part of the last decade developing and applying my philosophy that lasting change, sound mental health, and personal fulfillment are teachable skills. Through clear, practical guidance and actionable daily steps, I am now able to teach my clients how to feel authentic love for themselves, feel calm and at ease, learn their purpose in life, and create beautiful, lasting relationships. 

Cooking, reading, writing, daily exercise, spending time with friends & family, and playing the drums. I have two dogs and a beautiful baby niece who I adore. 

Tune in to hear Dr Randall and Kevin on this inspiring episode!