Soul Stories – Transformative Coach Carlyn Shaw

On this episode of Soul Stories, Dr Randall speaks with Transformative Coach Carlyn Shaw.

Carlyn is a breath of fresh air leaving a trail of smiles wherever she goes.  Her incredible ability to meet anyone where they are in life makes her a special soul, everyone can call, a friend.

She is a Transformation Coach, Connection Catalyst, Inspirational Speaker and the Founder of Strangers To Friends.  

An experience junkie and manifesting machine, Carlyn plants her feet all over the planet and followed her inner compass, living live hands on. Armed with confidence, courage, and synchronicity on her side, she turns lemons into lemonade and Strangers Into Friends. 

Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1997 followed by the death of her best friends, Carlyn’s life motto became “I can’t control what happens to me but I can control how I respond to it”. From a bike accident that left her without front teeth at 36 to finishing the Boston and NYC Marathon in 2015, Carlyn shares her journeys to inspire you to let go of limitations, shift your perspective and say yes to life. As a Transformation Coach, Carlyn gives you permission to start from where you are, speak your truth and create a life fueled with passion and joy. As a Speaker, Carlyn inspires people to turn pain into possibilities and trust life happens for us, not to us. 

Carlyn is a published author in the book, “When I Rise, I Thrive” and has been featured in news outlets including The Denver Post, San Diego Tribune and an appearance on Anderson Cooper’s Daytiime talk show. A 2017 Ignite Denver presenter, Keynote speaker for the Prince of Wales Alaska Marathon and regular of MS Society speaking engagements, Carlyn challenges you to let go of what no longer serves  and say YES to the life you not only want, but deserve​.

Tune in to this amazing episode of Soul Stories!