January 2022

Minstrel of Malibu Jacqui Hylton

Dr Randall sits down with the Minstrel of Malibu Jacqui Hylton! Jacqui Hylton singer, songwriter, composer continues to captivate her audiences locally and through her recordings. Having earned the moniker, The Minstrel of Malibu, her work as a jazz singer includes gigs at the most reputable venues: Catalina’s, The Baked Potato, Beverly Hills Hotel, The Mint, […]

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Yogi Felicia Tomasko

In this exciting episode, Dr Randall sits down with Felicia Tomasko. Felicia Tomasko is a lifelong student of the arts and sciences of Yoga and Ayurveda. She combines a deep understanding of the intersection of the modern western biomedicine and traditional yogic philosophy. She is a registered nurse who has current clinical experience in mental

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NLP Master Pam Castillo

Tune in to this intriguing episode of Soul Stories with the wonderful Pam Castillo. It’s a New Year and….THOSE WHO MAKE A HABIT OF CONSISTENTLY ACHIEVING THEIR GOALS- do so because they have the behaviors that are needed to complete do all the tasks needed to cross the finish line to achievement. If you need

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Soul Stories- Michele Hebert

To sweeten the New Year 2022, we choose to re-present the amazing uplifting Soul Stories podcast featuring  Michele Hebert, yoga master, inspirational meditation leader and author of award winning book ‘The Tenth Door’ – hosted by Dr Gayle Randall. MICHELE HEBERT is a  master educator, yoga and meditation teacher, award-winning author and speaker who has

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